The Bulgarian Multiplier Event received positive feedback

On September 3rd the first promotional event of the TangIn project took place in the Lower Metropolitan Region, with the participation of 20 teachers from basic education level.


During the event promoted by our partner Know and Can, the participating teachers had the opportunity to become familiar with the concept of tangible programming, the differences when compared with classical programming, and the benefits of using these concepts in school education, especially with students at risk of exclusion.

The district and its schools are characterized by a high percentage of Roma students experiencing difficulties in their integration into the educational environment, due to frequent absences related to traveling abroad, as well as to the Roma lifestyles and traditions.

After the theoretical part, a practical part was implemented to demonstrate the lesson plans and how they can be used. The focus was also to demonstrate lessons in different topics, showing the interdisciplinary capabilities of the resources of the project, but teachers were also informed of the possibility of adapting and changing the lesson plans and activities proposed.

One important aspect to highlight is that no participant had a background of experience in ICT or in using ICT tools or tangible progamming tools. Even so, all were able to practice some of the exercises and gained confidence in using them in the future.

Other similar events will be organized in Bulgaria, to present the project results. Already in October, one event is planned, included in the International Conference on Vocational Education, taking place next 13-14 October in Sofia, under the theme «Bridging the gap between TVET and Employment worldwide«.

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