Latvian teachers and headmasters are eager to use the TangIn Results

The feedback received from the participants in the different events organized in Latvia, Valmieras region, was very positive as the materials were judged as innovative and relevant and teachers are willing to use tangible programming.


The Latvian partner Valmieras Pārgaujas Sākumskola has organized different events in the past weeks targeting various audiences: from school headmasters to teachers and young and recent graduate teachers, but also parents and the teachers of the Valmieras Pārgaujas Sākumskola.

These events allowed to showcase the project results and emphasize the benefits of the use of tangible programming in primary school education as a tool to teach (and motivate students to) STEM topics while creating a more collaborative and inclusive school environment. Apart from presenting the concepts, the sessions enabled the presentation of the tools and educational resources available for teachers: the TangIn toolbox (the teachers manual and the educational resources – practical exercises to use in class) and the training package that can be used to learn more about tangible programming and to train further teachers.

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