Are you curious about the results of the Tangin Project

Are you curious about the results of the Tangin Project?

We are just starting the phase of transferring the results of the project through a set of multipler events that will take place in each partner country.


In order to show evidence of our work and to show the results that we have reached, the members of the TangIn consortium are now starting to implement the final multiplier events.

These events address mainly teachers and school managers at the primary school level but are also open to other actors of the education area, parents and other interested stakeholders. The aim of these events is to show the results that we have achieved and how can they be used in the future in other schools. Higher emphasis will be put on two key results:

  • The IO2-TANGIN TOOLBOX OF RESOURCES, composed by a set of lesson plans with practical activities designed with tangible programming concepts and tools to teach STEM-based topics in primary education, and by a teachers handbook that guides the teachers through the lesson plans.
  • The IO3-TANGIN TEACHERS TRAINING PACKAGE, that includes the necessary tools to implement continuous teacher training courses on the use of tangible programming concepts and tools in primary education or to teach higher education students at initial teacher training courses.

The first event will take place on July the 5th, in Vale de Cambra, Portugal, under a joint organization of Agrupamento de Escolas da Murtosa and the Centro de Competência TIC da Universidade de Aveiro. This event will take place at the same time as the TIC@Portugal19 event, in the afternoon where practical workshops will be promoted, guided by four teachers of the Agrupamento de Escolas da Murtosa that have been actively implementing pilot sessions with their students, using the TangIn resources and tools. The program of the event includes the following sessions:

  • The TangIn project: rationale and objectives
  • The toolbox for teachers: an overview of the lesson plans and of the teacher’s guidebook
  • Hand-on session: participants will implement selected lesson plans in groups and share their experiences
  • The teachers training package: a tool to train other teachers in the context of continuous teacher training and initial teachers training.

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