TangIn results were presented to Spanish teachers

The Spanish multiplier event was held on September the 11th in Madrid region, reaching out 27 professionals in the education sector.


Organized by Colegio Santa Elena in Villarejo de Salvanés, the Spanish multiplier event gathered the participation of teachers, teaching training students, technology professionals and other people interested in tangible programming and robotics.

The event was very dynamic with the participation of teachers and students of the Colegio Santa Elena that were involved in the piloting of the educational materials, that have shown their experiences and showcase some of the educational activities. Apart from the practical session, there was also a session dedicated to the discussion of the most relevant topics, including computational thinking, tangible programming Vs. non-tangible programming.

A focus was also given to the benefits of using tangible programming and collaborative work as tools to promote students’ inclusion, including the inclusion of students with special needs or different learning rhythms.

In the event, participants had the chance to get to know the TangIn toolbox (the teachers manual and the educational resources – practical exercises to use in class) and the training package that can be used to learn more about tangible programming and to train further teachers.

Are you interested in obtaining more information about this event? If so, you can contact directly the project manager of Colegio Santa Elena: Andrés Seco at director@colegiosantaelena.es.

If you wish to learn more about the project, consult the project website (www.tangin.eu) or Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/tanginproject.