TangIn multiplier event

Multiplier events are starting in Latvia

Valmieras Pārgaujas Sākumskola is initiating today a set of events aimed to promote the results of the TangIn project, reaching out to school headmasters, primary school teachers, parents, and recent graduate teachers.


The Latvian partner has set in place a communication and dissemination plan to deliver a ser of five events in their region, targeting individuals at different levels, taking advantage of the beginning of the new school year. In all the events planned, two main results of the project will be showcased: The TangIn toolbox of educational resources, composed of lessons plans on tangible programming and STEM topics for primary education level and a teachers manual; The teachers training package, that includes a training programme and materials enabling the further training of other teachers.

The programme includes the following events, where the key results of the project will be presented and shared:

  • 27th of August: Event addressing several school headmasters of the Valmiera city and region.
  • 29th of August: Valmieras Pārgaujas Sākumskola teachers annual meeting reaching out to all the school teachers.
  • 3rd of September: Valmieras Pārgaujas Sākumskola parents council annual meeting.
  • 10th of September: Event lecturing young and recent graduate teachers.
  • 18th of September: Event with Valmieras Pārgaujas Sākumskola teachers that will continue to use the project resources after the project ends and train further colleagues.

Are you interested in joining any of these events? If so, you can contact directly the project manager of Valmieras Pārgaujas Sākumskola: Viktors Litaunieks (viktors.litaunieks@valmiera.edu.lv).

If you wish to learn more about the project, consult the project website (www.tangin.eu) or Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/tanginproject.

(Image: Freepik.com)