TangIn at Challenges 2019 international conference!

Researchers from the University of Aveiro, led by Isabel Cabrita, presented on oral communication to the Challenges 2019 international conference on the topic “Tangible (co)programming in STEM and inclusion areas”.


On its 20th anniversary and edition, the Challenges 2019, an international conference about TIC in education was promoted under the moto “Challenges arising from Artificial Intelligence”. This international event was held at Minho University, in Braga, Portugal, organized by the Competence Center for TIC in Education from 13th to 15th May.

The event was organized to accommodate key not speakers that shared their experiences and knowledge around three main axes of intervention: i) Technologies, Applications and emerging systems; ii) Resources, practice, curricula and policy, and iii) Ethics, management, access to finance, research and evaluation. In parallel, different thematic sessions were organized enabling researchers of presenting their work.

If you wish to learn more about the project, consult the project website (www.tangin.eu) or the Facebook us at https://www.facebook.com/tanginproject.