TangIn educational resources

Have a glance on the TangIn educational resources

While the testing phase in European schools is taking place, you can already have access to some of the TangIn educational resources for teachers! Try them out.


The TangIn toolbox is a resource for primary school teachers, composed mainly by a set of exercises and activities and a teacher’s handbook, enabling teachers to deliver STEM-based topics using tangible programming concepts and tools. The key benefits of these innovative resources can be summarized as follows:

  • Ready to use lesson plans.
  • Fun and attractive lessons for students.
  • Stimulates students’ interest for science, mathematics and technology.
  • Introduces concepts of tangible programming and computational thinking.
  • Fosters students collaborative work and communication.
  • Facilitates student’s inclusion.

Currently, the toolbox is being tested in four European schools in Portugal, Spain, Latvia and Bulgaria, and includes a total of 21 lessons plans. These plans shall not be considered as immutable and tight as teachers shall have the freedom to adapt them to the dynamics of the class and explore what they consider more relevant.

There are two introductory exercises and activities aimed at:

  • Presenting Computational Thinking, Programming and Robotics by using commands and role play dynamics.
  • Explaining how to use the robot and the blocks to programme the robot, including the functions of each block.

And, 19 thematic exercises and activities where each one:

  • Addresses different primary school levels and students age.
  • Covers different STEM-based subjects.
  • Promotes the use of tangible programming concepts.


You can now have access to 5 of them and give us your feedback! Just go to the download area of this website and hit the IO2 – TangIn Toolbox of Resources.

If you wish to learn more about the project, consult the project website (www.tangin.eu) or the Facebook us at https://www.facebook.com/tanginproject.