The TangIn project is ending this month

30th of September will be the last day of activities for the partners of the TangIn project, that meet in Matosinhos for the final project meeting last week.


For 2 years the members of the consortium have worked together to produce a robust set of educational resources for teachers. The aim was to deliver a set of educational resources and materials to promote and support the effective use of tangible programming tools and concepts by teachers in daily classrooms (at primary level schools) while teaching STEM-based subjects.

The results of the project include:

  • A report on “Using programming concepts to stimulate STEM-based subjects at primary school levels”, that provides guidance to schools managers, teachers and researchers on how can tangible programming resources and concepts be used in the classrooms, with young students, to foster their motivation for STEM-based subjects and to promote students’ inclusion.
  • The TangIn toolbox of resources for school teachers and school managers, composed by a set of Exercises and activities (in the form of 21 lesson plans) and a teacher’s handbook, enabling teachers to deliver STEM-based topics using tangible programming concepts and tools. These resources will enable teachers of introducing tangible programming concepts in a fun, engaging, pedagogical and inclusive way.
  • The teachers training package, that includes a teaching manual with guidance and materials to train further teachers to use tangible programming concepts in their classes and to utilize the TangIn toolbox of resources


During the final meeting, partners have discussed the findings of the pilot of the materials in the partners’ schools and finalized the exploitation plan. Shall you wish to get access to the materials and guidance on how to use them please contact us or one of the project partners!

If you wish to learn more about the project, consult the project website ( or Facebook at